Why Hire CBC?

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Refresh your business: hire a creative agency with a twist


When you’re looking for an agency, “One size fits all” is no longer a desirable characteristic - it’s an expensive one. Branding and marketing across platforms takes a lot of different skills and a keen eye for detail. People hire CBC for the depth of experience, unique insight and strategic talent of our teams. (Glitter guns are just a bonus.)

We’re forward thinkers:

smart, strategic & fun to work with, too!

The biggest advantage of hiring outside consultants is gaining new perspectives along with professional expertise you couldn’t afford to keep on staff, or don’t need full time. We’re professionals - each with unique talents and years of experience in branding, marketing and advertising. We have a passion for our field, and we just so happen to be very good at branding. And design. And strategy. And lots of other things, too.



Each carefully vetted member of the CBC team brings their own areas of specialization to the mix. Add a generous twist of wild and juicy creativity, tempered by knowledge and years of real world problem solving for clients in a variety of industries, and it’s the recipe for success.

So how can we help you?



Need a new website or an update of your current one? Let’s do it.

Script to screen and everything

in between.



It’s the foundation of your brand identity - what is your logo telling your customers? What do you want to communicate? Our team translates in exciting ways!

It’s not going away. It’s getting bigger, and it’s changing the way businesses and consumers operate. We’ll help you reach your customers in the right ways.

Graphic Design


Design influences. Design communicates. Let’s make sure you’re sending the right message.

Copywriters do much more than just write. They research, collaborate, strategize, conceptualize and create the voice of your brand.

We see & uncover possibilities

and set you up to win!

The foundation of branding lies in developing a solid name, positioning and brand mark that represents and reflects the values of your organization. And like it or not, image/perception is everything. Using key insights into your organization, CBC will capture the essence of your company, product, program or service and translate them into the type of

powerful positioning, colors, graphics and imagery that stands out inside increasingly competitive markets.


Whether large or small; for profit or non-profit; business to business or business to consumer, CBC can position your business for success in the marketplace.


Collateral Development

The right name for your product or business can make all the difference in the marketplace.

Print, digital, video - no matter the medium, we can develop impactful, meaningful tools to communicate with your customers.



Copywriters do much more than just write. They research, collaborate, strategize, conceptualize and create the voice of your brand.

A short statement that sets an expectation about your company and the experience a customer can expect. Most famous? Just do it.


It’s the foundation of your brand identity - what is your logo telling your customers? What do you want to communicate? Our team translates in exciting ways!

The web is like the universe -

it’s always expanding

Seems like every single day, someone invents a new way to use the web. Keeping up with constant online innovations is a full time job in itself. Today, the web is so much more than just websites - and tomorrow, who knows? It has a life of its own, and to paraphrase Ferris Bueller - it moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around, you might just miss it.

When it comes to the web, are you just scratching the virtual surface?

Understanding the implications of different platforms, user interfaces, content management systems and programming languages are just a few aspects of working in the web. Apps. Social media sites. PPC. Search engines. Customer demographics. Consumer behavior. User experience. Programmatic advertising. Content development. Once you add in everything else, it’s nothing short of daunting. Don’t worry - you simply need to leave it to the experts.

List of specialties & benefits

User Experience


Landing Pages

Website Management

App Development

PPC Campaigns

E-blasts & Newsletters

Social Media

Content Development

Are you sparking the

conversation or trying to ignore it?

Social media changed the game forever. Not a day goes by that most people don’t post something, tag someone, use a hashtag, tweet a thought, watch a video, like a photo…this list could go on and on! The truth is, social media is currently in the driver’s seat when it comes to our personal and professional lives. The good news is that social media is one of the most cost-efficient forms of marketing…IF you are doing it right. The bad news is that many companies are either not utilizing these channels, or not using them properly.


Effectively reading your audience through social media requires a mix of solid, educational content that may be delivered through blogs, videos, branded and promoted posts and much more - all while staying on top of the latest innovations, regulations and

best practice guidelines.

At CBC, we can help you gain control of the conversation and shift into proactive mode to become a conversation starter! First, we’ll examine your current social media mix of channels (if you have them) to determine the best platforms and types of messaging for reaching and engaging your target audience. Next, we’ll establish a social media editorial calendar that maps to business objectives, special events, specific campaigns and more.

• Establishment and set-up of social media channels

• Channel optimization and keyword and phrase tagging

• Editorial calendar and social media strategies

• Managed social media presence

• Social media outreach campaigns

• Blogging and content development

• Video creation, editing and uploading

• Social media ad creation and management