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One of the most important elements we bring to the table for our clients is KNOWLEDGE - both historic, gleaned from our collective years of experience, as well as current facts and trends by keeping our finger on the pulse of today's consumer marketplace. That said, we thought it might be fun to do a little 'Did You Know' series to share some interesting brand insights and trends with you!


Below you will find a series of interesting insights that will help leverage any brand. Check them out!

Did You Know: General Marketing Statistics

One of the biggest challenges a brand faces is 'reach' - meaning, how does a brand most effectively reach its intended audience? It all boils down to the right toolkit. For the first part in our series, let's review some high-level statistics.

Did You Know: Website Marketing Statistics

It's not enough to just have a website; the look, feel, and user experience of that website are the crucial foundation of your online presence! From websites to digital campaigns to print communications, at CBC we are experts in creating brands and managing the tools that communicate the brand story to their customers.

Did You Know: Content Marketing Statistics

Clearly, content that is supported or presented with an intriguing visual manner is key in marketing communications. Where is your content being developed? How is it being supported visually? Making sure your key messages are visually strong helps to engage your audience and cut through the "noise".

Did You Know: Email Marketing Statistics

E-mail marketing is still a critically important tool for a brand; it's just about how and when you say it! From websites to digital campaigns to print communications, at CBC we are experts in creating brands and managing the tools that communicate the brand story to their customers.

Did You Know: Social Media Statistics

Social media is an ever-changing animal. As the statistics below indicate, a brand has to have the RIGHT MIX of tools in their wheelhouse to effectively make those all-important brand impressions. How are you reaching your customer? Who on your team is managing how your brand connects with your target audience? All great things to ponder; let us help you ensure the right mix for your unique brand.

Did You Know: Lead Generation Statistics

When looking for leads, it is important to think outside the box as to who can benefit from your service or product, but not so far outside the box that you are attracting customers who have no need for your business. How do you achieve this? There are many solutions out there that can help drive quality clients to your site - you just have to know where these customers are. The best part about it is that these solutions are actually much more affordable than you might think!

Did You Know: Visual Content Statistics

Take this "Did you Know" series as an example. The use of the above infographic provides enough information that even if the rest of this message was not included, our clients would still get some helpful information. It may also help (in addition to a descriptive headline) with readership. Visual content is a quick way for readers to determine the message. Not only that, but it also quickly delivers your message and allows people to receive the message without a lot of reading.

Did You Know: Infographic Usage Statistics

Taking a look at the infographic below, you quickly learn that 65% of people are visual learners. So if we know this, as marketers, we should focus on engaging our audiences using visual content (such as infographics.) By putting the infographic in the middle of this email with a mixture of fonts and simplistic symbols, that message is easily conveyed to the audience. Have you ever been flipping through a magazine without the time and attention to read every word, but remembered a piece of information because of an infographic or other piece of visual content? Keep this in mind next time you're constructing an email campaign; consider inserting a couple of visually-engaging callouts in conjunction with the plain text.