"Pink or Punk Rock"

Remember that one day… when we were working with AZ Pet Vet as they were celebrating their 30th anniversary?


We decided to do a cool 80's theme for this client, seeing as they were celebrating their 30th anniversary (having opened their doors in 1984.)

As we were throwing out all the different ideas for modifying the logo

to reflect some 80’s style, one of our poor junior designers was looking

at us like we are crazy…and all we were thinking was that our ideas were TOTALLY TUBULAR!


Well, yes, they were awesome ideas (or should I say righteous) for those of us who were actually alive in the 80's... but we had to explain our ideas to someone BORN IN THE 90’s! After much discussion (and quite a few Google sessions) we were able to agree on transforming this sweet puppy and kitty face logo into a rad 80’s themed logo…pink mohawk\studded collar\giant hair\neon bow... PERFECT!


The client loved it and the 30th anniversary campaign was a huge success, but we were definitely reminded of an important lesson that day...the power of research! My team is capable of great things, but sometimes extra research is needed. And this was only one day…you can imagine what the rest are like!


Check out some of the fun below!

Ron Robinett

CEO & Creative Director

AZ Pet Vet: 30 Year Celebration!

Corporate logo customized for 30th anniversary event

What did they do to my logo?

It’s exactly what I asked for.

It’s perfect!



Shannon Gillis

Director of Operations

Commemorative t-shirts given out at the event to 500+ team members

Lanyards used as event

invitations and tickets